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Picnic at The Farm🌳🍉🏐

April 24, 2018

This past weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday at The Holiday Acres Tree Farm! #TrueStory: The party ALMOST didn’t happen! Yes! The weather was not cooperating at all in the beginning of the week with a 90% chance of rain all the way to the party day! But God cleared up the skies just in time to have our party! #GodissoAwesome! 


 My husband had never had an actual big birthday party thrown for him, so I had to make sure it was perfect and had all his favorite things! 


Starting with the Theme: 

He loves sports! Specially soccer and volley! He loves Frituras(snacks), and loves Ceviche! SPORT+SNACKS+CEVICHE: PICNIC 

Need to say more!? 😝 The theme was a no brainer! 


The Farm

We originally thought of renting one those pavilions at a Park near our house! But then, we remembered we knew the perfect place to have our party: The Holiday Acres Tree Farm! 

Leigh Ann, the owner, made sure we ad everything we needed to have the party we were hoping! She really is the best! 

All of our guests LOVED the property! Especially the kids! They had sooo much fun playing around the grounded games the property already offers! The venue comes with picnic tables so we didn’t need to rent any tables or chairs! The String Lights covered pavilion definitely had our taste!😜 Check this property out! TheHolidayAcres.com



The Sweets Table:

We had our 6ft white vintage backdrop and my husband’s name on it! The rustic wood table was from the Farm and it added that texture I wanted to the entire area!

The cake was from Nissi Cake! She makes all of the delicious for my events! I made some Cake in a Jar for the table! (Because Pinterest!😝) I simply bought an assorted cake from Walmart, whip cream,10oz mason jars, and assamble them together! So easy to make! The rest of the desserts were bought at Sam’s! Assorted cookies, brownies and pies!(pecan and apple)



Nothing screams more “PICINIC” than a 32oz Mason jar filled with fresh flowers from HEB! Yup! That simple! And so cute! 


Frituras (Snacks) Station: 

As I mentioned earlier, my husband loooves him some snacks! So I had to have a station dedicated just for that! We served:





-CHAMOY COVERED APPLES (made by Nia’s Party Shop! So so Delicious!) 


The Food & Drinks: 

We wanted to serve cold foods since I didn’t want to deal with the hastle of serving hot food! Plus it went with the theme! So the Menu constisted of the following:





I had a bar with different types of drinks: 



-PINNAPLE & RASPBERRY JUICE(I had a little left over of the tea and pinnaple so I combined it!😂 it taste pretty good!😜)!

I also had a few coolers with Kid’s juices, Gatorades, Sodas and waters!


The Games:

Being a Picinic themed party, we needed games! At first I was breaking my head to have enough games for the kids, but then I remember the property itself offer a lot of activities for the kiddos and plenty of space for the to run around! So we just added our Cornhole and Big Jenga and 2 soccer goalies to complete that area!  

Grown up games:

Our friends and family battled it up at an intensive Volleyball game! I didn’t my tia had those moves!!😂 We all had a great time and laugh! 

Later on, the guys had a soccer match or as they would say “una reta” 😝



 Later in the evening we had soccer themed piñata made by Nia’s Party shop!(if you ever need a custom made theme piñata for a VERY affordable price! She’s your girl!! You can find her on facebook: Nia’s Party Shop) The piñata was pretty big and after the little kids had their chance, it was the turn of the “big kids” to take care of business! ⚽️😜







To finish the night we sang happy birthday to the birthday boy! And prayed for him! This is probably one of my fave pics of the whole party!!😍 Baby Caleb praying for Tio Alex! 


My husband had a blast at his birthday party and we felt the love from our friends and family that accompanied us! We have such an amazing support system! ❤️


Thank you for re-living this day with me! Though I’m still tired from it, I would do it all over again!💕 







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We'll be posting the entire album.



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